Born from an idea that first took flight in Australia in 2008, MediaEye France is modeled after Media i Australia, a subsidiary of Executive Channel Holdings (ECH) and the only trade media channel connecting media owners and agencies through a screen network covering 98% of the Australian agency market.  

In 2019, OFFREMEDIA and Executive Channel Holdings (ECH) joined forces to launch the MediaEye network in France.

MediaEye, like it’s sister company Media i in Australia, is the only trade media channel in France providing targeted, live information curated specifically for the media agencies. It connects the media owner world with media agencies and helps create a communication platform where local and international media information is shared regularly and in real-time.

In addition, the channel broadcasts generic live news and is regularly used by agencies as an internal communication tool.

We thank UDECAM for their support and the participation of their members. MediaEye currently has around 74 % of the agency market.



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